Nau mai haere mai.

Quakers in Nelson is a faith group whose spirituality is simple, radical and contemporary, committed to working for social justice and peace.

We try to live the Quaker way – peaceably, simply and sustainably, with integrity, recognising all as equal.

You are welcome to visit our meetings without commitment. If you decide to make our Meeting your spiritual home we offer a safe, loving community. We aim to help one another to live a better life.


You are invited to join us at our Meetings which are open to all. Masks are optional: 

 Early Bird:  8.45am each Sunday at the Quaker Meeting House, 30 Nile Street, Nelson.  

Mid-Morning:  10.00am each Sunday at the Quaker Meeting House.


We also meet  every 2nd Sunday of the month at 10am at the Family Service Centre, 27 Talbot Street, Motueka.



Nau mai haere mai.

Welcome to families, children and young people, and our values based children's and families' meetings.

Do you want to raise non-violent children rich in empathy and compassion, yet able to be true to themselves? Do you want to parent peaceably and respectfully? Do you want your children to find and value their inner quide? So do we.



Nau mai haere mai.


We welcome diversity. People of diverse sexual orientation and gender expression are welcome.



Quakers in Nelson decide to continue 2 Sunday Meetings - Early Bird and Mid-Morning
Last year we decided on two meetings, one for vaccinated and one for unvaccinated people. With all restrictions lifted both meetings are now open to all. Mask wearing is optional in either meeting. The timing has changed though - the Early Bird Meeting is at 8.45am  and the Mid-Morning Meeting is at 10am.  
One Quaker's View on:
Is the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) past its use by date?  by Jan Marsh
The values Quaker testimonies to peace, equality, simplicity, integrity and community encapsulate are enshrined in educational curricula and bills of rights. Quakers have contributed to many international movements now widely supported and respected. So, is it job done?



Conversations with Quakers

Listen here to 6 interviews with Friends recorded by Fresh FM Nelson in 2017. Topics are “What it means to be a Quaker”, “Quaker Families”, “Social Justice”, “Death and Dying”, “Quakers and the environment” and “Peace”.


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